Criminal Division

Civil Process Unit

Process papers are legal documents issued from the court system. You can find out the status on any one of the following document types.

  • City of Louisville Metro
  • Civil Rule
  • Civil Summons
  • Condemnation Summons
  • Commonwealth Attorney Subpoenas
  • Disability Court Rule
  • Forcibles
  • Garnishments
  • Miscellaneous
  • Notice of a Hearing
  • Order by the Court
  • Order/Notion/Motion
  • Personal Service
  • Personal Service - Jury Summons
  • Probate Court Rule
  • Revenue Commission
  • Rule Against Garnishment
  • Subpoenas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Paper Fees are $60

KRS 64.090 (2) establishes that the fee for most civil papers in the State of Kentucky shall be $60.00.

KRS 64.090 (2) (2) Sheriffs shall charge and collect a fee of sixty dollars ($60) from any person not requesting the service of the sheriff on behalf of the Commonwealth, any of its agencies, or the Department of Kentucky State Police for the services provided in subsection (1) of this section where a percentage, commission, or reasonable fee is not otherwise allowed. If a percentage, commission, or reasonable fee is allowed, that amount shall be paid. If payment is specified from a person other than the person who requested the service, then the person specified shall be responsible.


If you have any questions please call our Process Dept at: 502-574-5406

What payment types are accepted?

Checks or Money orders (no cash please) - made out to: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

I received a process card/door hanger from a deputy. What do I do?

Fill out this form to schedule an appointment so we can deliver paperwork to you at day and time that is convenient to you.

How can I tell if my paper has been served?

You can find out the status on summons, subpoenas, and other court papers from our search page.
Visit the public search page.
For information PRIOR to 9/11/2023, visit the search page here.
Alternatively you may call 502-574-5406