Open Records Requests

Sheriff Office Open Records Requests

The 2021 General Assembly passed House Bill 312 (HB 312), which makes several important changes to the Open Records Act.

Beginning on June 29, 2021, only residents of the Commonwealth may request to inspect public records. The definition of “resident” will be codified at KRS 61.870(10), but it includes individuals and businesses living, operating, and working within the Commonwealth, as well as news-gathering organizations. Thus, effective June 29, 2021, a person submitting a request to inspect public records must include with the request a statement that the person making the request is a resident of the Commonwealth. A public agency may deny a request to inspect records that does not include such a statement. See KRS 61.872(2).

All requests made are subject to fee. See KRS 61.874

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The below form is only for open record requests. If you have a general question, civil question, tax question, or tax related data request, please use the contact form.

JCSO Open Request Form .