Minimum Requirements for Position

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Any individual applying for a full time telecommunicator position must meet the following minimum requirements prior to their first day of employment:

  • Is a citizen of the United States
  • Is at least 18 years of age
  • Is a high school graduate or has a general equivalency diploma (GED)
  • Has not been convicted of a felony or other crimes involving moral turpitude
  • Has submitted fingerprints to the KSP and the FBI for a criminal history check
  • Has taken a psychological suitable screener
  • Has taken a polygraph examination
  • Has passed a drug screen

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will make arrangements for all tests that have to be taken and the criminal history through the KSP and FBI. Applicants will be responsible for proof of citizenship, age and education.


The Communications Unit is a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week operation that is staffed by Telecommunicators at all times. This includes weekends and holidays. Telecommunicators are considered essential personnel expected to report for duty during inclement weather. The selected candidate will be assigned to a specific shift that they will remain on. Telecommunicators can request to be moved to another shift if the shift becomes available. Those shifts are as follows:

  • First Shift- 7am - 3pm
  • Second Shift- 3pm - 11pm
  • Third Shift- 11pm - 7am

The position of Telecommunicator has three primary job functions. The first area of responsibility is Law Enforcement Radio Dispatching. The Communications Unit is responsible for emergency and non-emergency radio transmissions for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s as well as several law enforcement agencies that are satellite agencies of the Sheriff’s Office. These transmissions include dispatching officers to locations to resolve issues that require law enforcement assistance, as well as officer initiated transmissions. Telecommunicators are responsible for documenting all pertinent information from these transmissions in a computer aided dispatch system.

The second area of responsibility is emergency and non-emergency telephone communications. The Communications Unit is equipped with administrative lines as well as 911 emergency lines. Telecommunicators will answerer these lines in a professional manner, take all pertinent information, and ensure that the callers request for service or questions are handled appropriately.

The last area of responsibility is the handling of Domestic Violence Protective orders. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the entering agency as well as the keeper of the records for all Protective Orders and related court documents issued in Jefferson County. It is the responsibility of the Communications Unit to enter and maintain each Protective Order file.

All selected applicants will have to attend the Basic Telecommunications Academy, administered by the Department of Criminal Justice Training. The Academy is held at Eastern Kentucky (EKU) in Richmond. Employees receive training and are tested in different areas pertaining to this position. You will be required to stay at the law enforcement dormitory located on the EKU campus for the full five weeks of the Academy, excluding weekends. Employees will be paid while at the academy, food will be provided and employees will receive compensation for use of their vehicle. It is mandatory to successfully complete the Academy to remain employed at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.


A full-time telecommunicator will earn a annual starting salary of $31,296.70. Pay increases are given at the discretion of the Sheriff. Health insurance is offered through the Sheriff’s Office. You will be afforded the opportunity to select a plan that will best suit your situation. The Sheriff pays the same amount towards each employee’s insurance plan. If you select a plan that exceeds this amount, you will be responsible for the remainder of the balance. There are also dental insurance plans available at your expense.

New employees will accrue 7.5 hours of sick time per month to use if the employee is ill or an immediate family member needs the employee for medical assistance. New employees will also accrue 6.3 hours of annual time that can be used at the discretion of the supervisor. Both types of time can be saved and does carry over from year to year.

If you have additional questions regarding Telecommunications Employment please call 502-574-5400 and ask for Career Development or the Communications Supervisor.