Property Tax

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the primary property tax collector for state, metro, Louisville district, school, fire, and other special district taxes. We collect approximately 900 million dollars per year, from over 300 thousand tax payers, for 14 different taxing jurisdictions.

Property Tax Payment Schedule

Date Detail
November 1st - December 1st Pay with 2% discount
December 2nd - January 3rd Pay at Face (Gross) Amount
January 4th - February 6th Pay with 5% Penalty
February 7th - April 17th Pay with 10% Penalty and 10% Sheriff’s add-on fee

At the close of business day on April 17, all unpaid tax bills will be transferred to the Jefferson County Clerk for further collection proceedings. Additional costs, fees, and interest are added after this date and the bills may be subject to sale to a third-party.